That time I taught a lecture on porn…

I feel that a lot of my blogs lack conclusions. I had the same problem with my dissertation, funnily enough.  In my last year of University I was offered the chance to present my dissertation to a class of students at a University in Amsterdam. I was only 20 at the time! I’d never evenContinue reading “That time I taught a lecture on porn…”

Life in Lock-down pt 2

I’m halfway through week ten in lock-down, and the only thing shaping my days so far has been the cat demanding to be fed. However, it’s possible that I’m finally starting to get my shit together. Having spent the first seven weeks watching the entirety of Netflix and justifying weekly take-away as “supporting local businesses”,Continue reading “Life in Lock-down pt 2”

Breaking the stigma of women’s pain

I have a tendency to forget that, by certain standards, I’ve been through quite a lot (1). From the emotional baggage of a toxic relationship that encompassed most of my adult life to date and severely impacted my view of myself, to the relentless struggle of living with multiple chronic pain disorders. That’s one ofContinue reading “Breaking the stigma of women’s pain”


When it comes to vaginal dryness, conversations pretty much always centre around menopause. As a woman in my early twenties, I couldn’t find any resources for someone like me. The autoimmune condition that I have (lichen planus) affects mucous membranes. This did have a small impact on my mouth and gut (hello irritable bowel syndrome!)Continue reading “Touch-Starved”

A family legacy of chronic pain

I really loved my Grandad. I’ll use that word here for clarity, but we always called him Pap. When my sister and I were young, we often stayed with Nan and Pap during the week. Pap would get us up in the morning, brush our hair and walked us to school. He got up early,Continue reading “A family legacy of chronic pain”

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