The sticky issue of lubrication

Inspiration for this post comes from two sources: 1) a conversation with a friend who admitted that, despite being a nurse and thus educated about the variability of the human body, was too embarrassed to talk to her long term boyfriend about using lubricant. She was experiencing a little vaginal dryness, but rather than talkContinue reading “The sticky issue of lubrication”


When it comes to vaginal dryness, conversations pretty much always centre around menopause. As a woman in my early twenties, I couldn’t find any resources for someone like me. The autoimmune condition that I have (lichen planus) affects mucous membranes. This did have a small impact on my mouth and gut (hello irritable bowel syndrome!)Continue reading “Touch-Starved”

The end of my fucking world

A.K.A The painful, messy process of exiting a toxic relationship. The few weeks immediately surrounding the end of my long term relationship were, without a doubt, the most difficult of my life. Even though I instigated it, even though I’m the one who finally walked away, it felt like the bottom had dropped out ofContinue reading “The end of my fucking world”

The Least Subtle Affair

During the period of the least subtle affair ever my then-boyfriend ramped up his emotional manipulation to previously unprecedented levels. He had always been low-key manipulative, but his desperate need to protect his Good Guy™ identity whilst denying the reality of his behaviour made for a particularly unpleasant period of my life. It began asContinue reading “The Least Subtle Affair”

Quirky C*nt joins a fetish club

My Ex and I got heavily involved in the BDSM scene. I’d been curious about it for as long as I can remember. Even as a pre-teen I kept newspaper clippings in a secret diary; the one I remember most clearly was a tabloid interview with a woman who was into kitten play. I thoughtContinue reading “Quirky C*nt joins a fetish club”

Polygamy, fet clubs and grooming; an introduction.

I met him on the internet, in the chat room of some random Facebook game. I was 17 at the time, procrastinating over my A-level revision. He was 28; he told me he was a musician. He was married, but he told me that the relationship was over. Later, I would find out that hisContinue reading “Polygamy, fet clubs and grooming; an introduction.”

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