No good deed

Since I’ve been working from home for the last month I’ve been getting to know some of my neighbours a little better. Actually, it’s mostly one neighbour. We’ll call him Bob. “Bob” is 65 and struggles with a serious case of anxiety. You see, Bob was born in the house that he lives in. HeContinue reading “No good deed”

Sobriety is harder in the dark

The clocks went back last week. On the 25th October, to be precise. So now it’s dark by 5pm, although it isn’t dark in the morning yet. But we’ve had almost four solid weeks of relentless rain, so it hardly gets light during the day at the moment. If I thought sobriety was hard overContinue reading “Sobriety is harder in the dark”

That time I taught a lecture on porn…

I feel that a lot of my blogs lack conclusions. I had the same problem with my dissertation, funnily enough.  In my last year of University I was offered the chance to present my dissertation to a class of students at a University in Amsterdam. I was only 20 at the time! I’d never evenContinue reading “That time I taught a lecture on porn…”

On self-image and self-love

In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act. Caroline Caldwell, 2015 | Twitter @Dirt_Worship How many times a week do you throw up after eating?  The normal answer is zero. For me, it can be anywhere from 1 to 10. I’ve been thinking of myself as someone who *usedContinue reading “On self-image and self-love”

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