New Year Same Me

It’s January, which means suddenly everyone and their mother is already on a diet. I got a leaflet for Slimming World stuck through my door on the 2nd for Christ’s sake. I’ve spent most of my life living with a variety of eating disorders, so I feel this is a good time to reflect onContinue reading “New Year Same Me”

Respawn: round fucking-whatever

I had a 45 minute telephone assessment last Monday. I had referred myself to the local Wellbeing service to ask for help managing my drinking, and Monday was my initial consultation.  Whenever you access a mental health service in the UK, you are asked to complete a questionnaire before your first appointment. This is toContinue reading “Respawn: round fucking-whatever”

How *do* you make friends and influence people?

I can hardly remember a time in my life before I had to live with some kind of mental illness. I have always struggled to make friends – even in nursery school, I remember standing alone looking at groups of friends playing together and wondering how to be a part of those groups. I didn’tContinue reading “How *do* you make friends and influence people?”

Fat Girl Running

I am – and probably will always be – a bookworm. P.E. was the only class I was ever truly bad at in school. As a pre-teen, I was reasonably active and enjoyed cycling with my dad. On one memorable event, we cycled out to a particular pub in a little village, only to realiseContinue reading “Fat Girl Running”

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