Women, Doctors and Pain

There are two main reasons that it took so long for me to get a diagnosis: Pelvic pain in women is very common, and there are lots of things that could cause it. The autoimmune condition at the root of my pain is quite rare. Lichen Planus affects 1 – 2% of the world populationContinue reading “Women, Doctors and Pain”

Fat Girl Running

I am – and probably will always be – a bookworm. P.E. was the only class I was ever truly bad at in school. As a pre-teen, I was reasonably active and enjoyed cycling with my dad. On one memorable event, we cycled out to a particular pub in a little village, only to realiseContinue reading “Fat Girl Running”

The end of my fucking world

A.K.A The painful, messy process of exiting a toxic relationship. The few weeks immediately surrounding the end of my long term relationship were, without a doubt, the most difficult of my life. Even though I instigated it, even though I’m the one who finally walked away, it felt like the bottom had dropped out ofContinue reading “The end of my fucking world”

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