The anxiety of being well

Have you heard the parable of the boiling frog? It’s one of those metaphors that everyone seems to know, but don’t know where they know it from. The parable goes that if you drop a frog into boiling water it will just jump out, but if you drop a frog in cold water and heatContinue reading “The anxiety of being well”

The sticky issue of lubrication

Inspiration for this post comes from two sources: 1) a conversation with a friend who admitted that, despite being a nurse and thus educated about the variability of the human body, was too embarrassed to talk to her long term boyfriend about using lubricant. She was experiencing a little vaginal dryness, but rather than talkContinue reading “The sticky issue of lubrication”

Have you tried relaxing?

“Have you tried just relaxing?” I stare, dumbfounded, at the middle aged man sitting opposite me. He’s a Sex Therapist, and it’s taken me six months to get this appointment. “I – I don’t think that’s the issue-” I stammer, but he interrupts me with a clammy hand on my knee. “You’re young, you’re healthy,Continue reading “Have you tried relaxing?”

Is sex ‘really’ that important?

If you’ve never had to live with sexual dysfunction, it can be really hard to understand how completely it can affect a person’s life.  It took me years to finally receive CBT for my depression – 5 years in fact. Chronic pain and depression go hand in hand. Something about having to completely reevaluate yourContinue reading “Is sex ‘really’ that important?”

Polygamy, fet clubs and grooming; an introduction.

I met him on the internet, in the chat room of some random Facebook game. I was 17 at the time, procrastinating over my A-level revision. He was 28; he told me he was a musician. He was married, but he told me that the relationship was over. Later, I would find out that hisContinue reading “Polygamy, fet clubs and grooming; an introduction.”

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